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Neilly you are a fuckin moron
  CirCa, Aug 07 2009

Guy sits at every table (i'm trying to start 50bbs) and takes max time every action... fish start complaining and leave the games

please hurry and busto quick again so i don't have to see u at any more tables


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Vegas for WSOP
  CirCa, Mar 30 2009


so original vegas plans seem to have fallen through but i'm still thinking of going for June...

if any people are looking for house/roommate PM me...


CirCa (Beyonder01)

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Full Tilt/Ring
  CirCa, Dec 09 2007

I'm finished with both of these piles of shit

the thought of each of them puts me on tilt

i just banned myself from full tilt for 180 days (there was no life option) and i'm never playing full ring again

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